MUB, the origins

  • The MUB adventure began in 2014 with a Kickstarter campaign, supporting the launch of the "ONLYONE" bag, aiming to combine the advantages of a business bag and a sports bag.

  •  Not finding an offer that met his expectations as an active businessman, the founder of MUB embarked on the adventure with this first model, which was quickly crowned with success and awarded a Red Dot Award in the Design category. Encouraged by this recognition, the ONLYONE team decided to develop a wider range around this first iconic bag, and adopted a new name: MUB (My Utility Bag).


A new chapter

  • When we took over MUB in March 2021, the World was at a standstill, in the middle of a health crisis. Travel was down by 80%, home office was becoming the norm and sports venues were closed to the public.

  • Dans le même temps, les coûts de production et de logistique augmentaient de façon exponentielle. And access to certain raw materials became particularly difficult.
  • In short, the perfect time to embark on the adventure!

  • Despite these headwinds, we took the plunge. Since then, we have taken up the challenge every day, driven by passion and the conviction that we must accompany the transformation of mobility with new, innovative, modular, responsible and elegant products.


What new projects?

  • The MUB range will be significantly renewed and expanded in the coming months. We will improve our best sellers, building on the strengths that have made them successful. And we will also add new styles, smaller and larger volumes, designed for urban mobility as well as for long journeys. Each new product will respond to our new creative philosophy.

  • The customer experience will be improved with a new website that is more user-friendly, more visual, more precise in terms of product descriptions, and more community-based.

  • We will soon launch our MUBERS programme. A community of MUB users who share our values and test our products intensively. We'll tell you more soon!