Our values

  • We respect the environment and people. Profits are secondary.

  • We are constantly exploring new solutions to facilitate multimodal mobility.

  • We commit ourselves. When we promise something, we stick to it and prove it.

  • We do not compromise with our mission, with our convictions, with our values.


Emmanuel SORDOILLET,Inventor MAGIC Bed, San Francisco !

Always in search of optimization in his business trips, he found his happiness with the Biarritz Deluxe medium. His ideal companion for trips of up to 2 days! His favourite asset: The checklist to make sure you don't forget anything when preparing for a business trip.

Philip POGORETSCHNIK, Founder & CEO Humanoo, Berlin !

I simply love going to the office and being able to take the gym stuff in one bag, which is also very comfortable with a sleek design. My favourite feature is the vertical storage, which allows quick access to items such as chargers, glasses, or cash.

Frank HEISSAT, Consultant & Investor

As someone who is used to backpacks via my last professional experience, I could naturally compare. MUB is a nice product to go to the office, take my sports stuff and find absolutely everything in its place.

Abdoulay BARRY, CEO YMoney

Apart from the MUB features, I find its design timeless and it fits all my needs.


Find all our MUBERS here! We had the idea to show you people showing how they use and appreciate MUB in their daily life. The real ambassadors of MUB!