With the health measures relating to COVID 19 softening, daily mobility will intensify. Whether it is to go from home to the office, for short trips, or combined with a larger baggage for long trips, a functional backpack goes with you everywhere, as long as you choose it well.Returning to "normal" activity is like going back to school. Now is the right time to change your bag ... and choose it wisely!A "daypack" must be simple in its form, and practical in its very diverse use. Its primary purpose is to allow you to take what you need on a daily basis everywhere, whatever your activity or your lifestyle, over a period of one day ... hence its name: "daypack".From the office to the gym, on public transport or on two wheels, weekdays or weekends, a daypack is an essential life companion that should never let you down.

How to choose it?There are many options on the market. It is therefore important to ask the right questions, rather than being influenced by fashion or price. It all depends on individual needs.First and foremost, you must define the type of activities for which you will need a daypack:• Take everything you need to work on a daily basis (computer, documents, etc.)• Traveling with hand luggage• Take a short hike• Buy stuff at the grocery store• Go play sports

What do I need to take with me?Some people want to have everything available, wherever they are, to cope with any situation. Others are much more minimalist. Of course, who can do the most can do the least, but the choice of your daypack will also depend on the amount and type of items you want to keep close at hand, under the circumstances at the time.Traveling alone or in a group, and especially with a family, will also have an impact on what you take, especially if you have young children with you.If you like to travel alone and light, the choice will be different, and will be for a more minimalist bag.

The other selection criteria• Budget: the mistake is to choose the cheapest model ... or the most expensive. You must first of all choose the model that corresponds to your needs. Remember, quality comes first. Protecting your computer from shocks, or your files from the rain, justifies favoring quality and an adapted design, rather than going low-end or giving in to the sirens of fashion.• Ergonomics: your body shape is also to be taken into consideration. The choice of size and shape is less crucial than for travel or hiking bags, traditionally much more loaded, but it is still important to choose a size that suits your body. In addition, the quality and design of the padding (back protection) will bring you comfort of use, and good ventilation preventing excessive and unpleasant sweating. Straps are also very important for comfort when worn, especially if the bag is heavily loaded and long days away from home (for example, several hours of travel or at trade shows).• Durability: daily travel is demanding on your bag. The modes of transport chosen, the type of activity, the environment of use, are all factors affecting its lifespan. Pay particular attention to its design, the materials used, the resistance of the zips… for maximum longevity.• Weight: a backpack can be worn for a long time. We favor simplicity and functionality, to maintain an acceptable weight while ensuring maximum quality. Too much weight in the bag will be felt over time and cause unnecessary fatigue. Beware of “over-designed” models, because each buckle, strap, zip, additional pockets… will ultimately increase the weight.• Style: It is important to adapt the style of your bag to the use, the daily environment, and your personality. An executive attending a formal meeting doesn't want to look like a college student or a fashionista. A bag is an object that expresses your personality ... but it is above all a functional accessory!

So what is the ideal Daypack?This category of luggage / accessories offers the widest choice, which sometimes makes it difficult to select the ideal model.In general, volumes of 10 to 25 liters are found. The internal organization of the bag depends on each brand, and its design even more. But traditionally, you'll want to find a protected compartment for your computer (13 '' to 15 ''), a main compartment for your documents, and multiple pockets and details to store other items to keep close at hand, including sometimes a water bottle. Everything in its place, and each place has a function.It is important to favor a specialized brand, which designs its products with the end user in mind.Materials: here again, the choice is vast and depends on the intended use and the desired style. We favor 600D Polyester and Neoprene, offering a perfect compromise between abrasion and water resistance, weight, style and price. Leather and Canvas are classically heavier and sometimes more fragile.The quality of zippers is key, as they are put to the test. No one wants to see a computer crashing on the tarmac, or their intimate life sprawled out on a meeting table or on an airport baggage belt! We work with the best brands, such as YKK, to never let you down. Plastic or unbranded zippers are to be avoided ...

The search for quality will be the same for other parts of a bag, such as straps, buckles, and other details. For example, we use graduated straps to adjust the height of the bag according to each body type and to balance the bag to protect your back. The addition of reflective details will ensure your safety, especially on 2 wheels or in winter. Note the importance of the quality of the seams or welds, which are more difficult to judge for non-experts. These are additional reasons to favor a brand renowned for its durability, rather than for its price or its fashion image.


In conclusion

If you are looking for a bag for daily travel, for business and leisure purposes, for multiple uses during the week or on weekends, allowing you to take everything you need to work or relax everywhere, a daypack is the right choice. Period.Its versatility and practicality make it the essential accessory whatever your lifestyle.It is suitable in addition to a bag or a larger travel suitcase, during your long trips.

The MUB Bilbao Slim or MUB Biarritz mini / medium models will be the perfect companions in your daily travels.If you need more volume, opt for a Biarritz Traveler Deluxe 3-day MUB type bag or a Socoa MUB Weekender.The daypack therefore stands out for its versatility. You can complete it with more specific models according to your needs. But whatever you choose, prioritize the quality of design, as it will have to withstand the tests of everyday life while protecting your most valuable belongings. MUB is a brand of luggage and accessories designed for Business and Sport nomads. Visit our website to explore our full range and find your ideal model. 


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