Join the community of MUBERS TESTERS

Join the community of MUBERS TESTERS

Why involve our consumers into the creation process of our products?

MUB is a brand specialized in the mobility of the sporty business people. Our mission is to help our consumers carry their business and sport essentials, when they travel for work of for leisure.

We have been traveling the World for years, like a lot of people embracing the same way of life. We know what it is to be a Business Nomad, through the hardships and the joys of this lifestyle!

Humility and Innovation are some of the key values driving the wat we work. We believe that we can always do better. And we want to associate our consumers to that continuous improvement process.

Hence the idea of building that community of MUBERS TESTERS!


How does it work?

To apply, just send us a message. We will circle back to you with a short questionnaire to fill out to better know who you are. Should you be selected we will then send you all the necessary details.

The selected MUBERS TESTERS will receive a free product of their choice to test extensively. They will share with us their experiences, their ideas for improvement, their satisfactions or frustrations. No taboo, let’s be straightforward!

They will also be invited to spread the buzz online; and to invite more friends to become MUBERS.


The key steps?

  • Send us a message at to apply
  • Fill out a short questionnaire
  • Wait for the result of the selection process (end of May 2021)
  • We’ll then tell you everything!



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