Which bag fits your needs?

Which bag fits your needs?

Similar, but oh so different. When we designed our MUB collection, we had the same demands for all products in mind:

  • Special Organizational features with easy access to find everything quickly
  • Multifunctional departments to fit all purposes
  • Enough Space for your travel, sports and/or business gear
  • A classic design which suits all your outfits

After all, it’s not about just carrying your gear, but about functionality and a smart, yet classic design and features that support you on all missions you are up to.

Because of this, our products do bring a lot of similarities. At the same time though, they do differ, depending on the different needs of daily life. Of your life. We created a multitude of bags, shapes and sizes dedicated to the urban nomad.

You might know exactly which one fits your needs, maybe even visited our site with a clear vision of what kind of bag you are looking for.
If, on the other hand, you might not be quite sure which bag will be the right companion for you, we decided to create a small overview to help you choose exactly what you need.

Find out about each bag, the Biarritz Traveler Deluxe Backpack, Socoa Weekender, Anglet Professional and Bilbao Slim Daypack, all summed up on one page for you.

The Traveler Deluxe


The Traveler Deluxe Packpack has defined what MUB is all about. With its 29L the backpack is designed for up to 3-day-trips. Due to different departments, it’s well-organized, with a compartment for everything - clothes, toiletry, daily gear and a complete work department with notebook sleeve and document organizer. Or whatever else you want to put in there, we have seen it all from camera gear up to newborn essentials.

Bringing additional smart functions, the backpack integrates a reflective fabric on the front and the shoulder straps for your nightly strolls and a thermoformed back to keep you sweat-free when it’s getting hot or demanding.

Who was it designed for?

The Backpack was made with a business traveler or digital nomad in mind. Someone who has to spend a day or more on the road, with all essentials on hand.
As a backpack, it’s easily carried throughout the whole day without hurting your back, thanks to its ergonomic straps and back. Keeping your hands free, it’s a great partner to bring it to business events like fairs, without having to leave it at the wardrobe.

The Socoa Weekender

Holdall Travel Bag

The Weekender is pretty much the Traveler Deluxe in a different format. With 38L it’s a great 48h-72h bag that offers a dedicated business compartment on the exterior side of the bag.

This handheld all-in-one offers integrated sportswear organisers and a form-fitting shoe bottom compartment. Smart addition: The shoulder trap can be taken off and put away when not in need.

Who was it designed for?

The bag is perfect for a weekend trip or a stationary business trip. It brings more space for clothing than the Traveler Deluxe as the main department is not separated into different compartments.

Also, someone who likes hitting the gym or training before and after work will love this bag. The business compartment only gives access the work essentials like notebook, phone and documents while keeping the sports clothes out of sight in the main department. 

The Bilbao Slim


Our Slim is a classic carry-on daypack and great for all 24h missions, be it everyday life or a day trip on holiday. Compact and convenient, it excels at the challenges of the work/life balance with thought-through details and compartments, like a sleeve for your laptop and a professional organizer, but also a big department for clothes or shoes.

Who was it designed for?

Pretty much everyone who needs to carry things throughout the day and likes to keep his hands free - which is probably really everyone. More than a classic carry-on due to its smart features, it’s perfect for a day at work, university, school or day trip.

The Anglet Professional

Briefcase / Messenger Bag

Our approach of a classic briefcase, but with a more modern design. The Anglet Professional contains a padded laptop compartment and special departments for your cables, phone, tickets and cards, as well as a magnet closed department in the front for quick storage.

Who was it designed for?

100% professionals. The bag has been designed with business in mind. There’s no department for clothes, the design is kept slim and functional.

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