The Brand Story

For 30 years, we have been traveling the World, for Business and for Leisure. We know the importance of being equipped with the right bags, able to safely carry part of your office and part of your dressing room, anywhere, anytime. As we could not find products fully matching our expectations, we have decided to design our own bag, with the evocative name "Only One". It has been immediately acclaimed by a clientele of business and sport nomads, looking for a unique bag to travel light and smart. This very first bag received the Red Dot Award in 2014, in the Design category, a fantastic achievement for our young brand. Our team was convinced by the potential of such products, encouraged by its first users, and driven by the desire to make our customers' daily lives even easier. We then decided to develop an entire range of bags and accessories around that first iconic bag. MUB was born (MyUtilityBag)! 
MUB is now a range of functional, innovative and elegant bags and accessories that allow you to commute to the office everyday as well as to travel up to 3 days with only one bag, carrying enough to work and to stay active everywhere in all circumstances.

The logo

Our logo represents a drop of water which symbolises the region that gave birth to our idea. Inspired by the Atlantic Ocean and all the sporting enthusiasts it invites to the region, each of the lines represents one of our core principles: TRAVEL, BUSINESS, SPORT

The idea was to create a "3 in 1" product that can be used in a variety of ways for your numerous activities and that is what we wanted to illustrate through the 3 lines of the logo.

The design process

All MUB products were engineered and developed by our designer, David Mateo. With a longstanding career in the world of accessory design, David was looking to collaborate on a project that would help to innovate in the world of baggage. He was the inventor behind the popular Only One bag and joined the MUB journey after following its success. Each compartment, function and access point is carefully considered with the aim of creating a fully adapted design suited to life on the road.

Materials & Innovations

Our products are constructed from a selection of resistant materials to ensure the long term durability of your backpack. Helping to protect the contents of your bag, the exterior fabric has been cut from 600D high-quality neoprene polyester. All the zippers are trademarked YKK. We have also chosen to use a water resistant fabric and the compartment dividers are comprised of resistant mesh to guarantee the seamless organisation of your essentials. Finally, the magnetic clasps used to attach the strap from our Weekender model and pectoral straps are trademark FidLockTM, whilst the reflective material integrated into the main panel and straps of our designs is 3MTM –offering improved visibility in low light.

Our values

We are problem solvers
We are product innovators
We take no shortcuts
We are consumer hapiness generators

we manufacture our products in compliance with the BSCI standards, of which our partner factory is certified and guarantees the following measures:

- guarantee of workers' rights at trade union, security, and salary level;
- guarante of respect for the environment and waste treatment;

- guarantee of freedom of association;